Our aim:

To decarbonize cold production

For most companies needing refrigeration systems, production and maintenance account for high expenditure. As regulations constantly evolve, energy prices rocket, and industry strives to decarbonize production processes, new alternatives for refrigeration are becoming increasingly crucial.

Q-REF is a groundbreaking innovation meeting tomorrow’s needs in industrial, commercial and service-sector refrigeration.

Our chiller, which is equipped with Danfoss Turbocor compressors and highly efficient components, can be customized for every type of set-up. Developed in partnership with Honeywell, a global pioneer in energy efficiency and automation,
our solution is founded on two priorities: efficiency and durability.

This fully modular and innovative chiller enables players in all sectors (farming, cooperatives, agri-food industry, pharmceuticals, logistics, retail, data centers, etc.) to reduce their carbon footprint and their energy bills.

Collaborative technology

Our philosophy:

Doing more, with a lower impact

Eco-design, above all else.

Q-REF cancels out your system’s obsolescence. Designed to be completely repairable and to operate without hydrocarbons, our eco-chiller is built to last.

Researching and developing,

More than just a solution, Q-REF is a mechanism for continuous improvement: optimization, automation, control algorithms, etc.

Advising you whenever you need us.

In addition to our technical support, we make suggestions to optimize your production efficiency.

Made in France.

With a local production plant based in southwest France, we aim to protect French skills and expertise in refrigeration system design.

Product with the following certifications:

Production plant with the following certifications:

Our values:

The resources that drive us forward


We believe it is our responsibility to design, manufacture and roll out ecological refrigeration solutions that significantly reduce our footprint and that of our customers.


We believe that to be really useful, our solutions must adapt to every user’s needs and constraints.


We are attentive to our customers’ expectations and to changes in the market in order to offer you the best possible service.


We believe in engineers’ creativity and in pioneers’ boldness to push the boundaries of performance, to imagine, design and roll out groundbreaking innovations.

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