Our new range of modular chillers combining energy efficiency and customization*

* Performance and reliability proven by independent design offices.

Designed down to the last detail with the environment in mind.

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energy savings

Energy savings of up to 50% compared with a traditional system, offering lower energy bills and less environmental impact thanks to Turbocor.

acoustic comfort

Less noise pollution from the motor thanks to Turbocor.

peace of mind

Less maintenance, less wear, fewer breakdowns thanks to an oil-free system and an efficient fluid. Turbocor’s performance is stable over the long term and R1234ZE reduces maintenance costs by 20% compared with a system using NH3.


Increased productivity, combined with fewer maintenance operations and lower energy bills ensure that your Q-REF will quickly pay for itself.

Oil-free system

Danfoss Turbocor® magnetic bearing compressor.


Long-lasting materials chosen for their durability and repairability index.

Refrigeration fluid
with no environmental impact


Reinforced structure

Suitable for hazardous zones.

Plug and play

Fast installation.

Made in

Fully customizable according to your requirements

A comprehensive range of chillers suitable for all industry and service sectors.


In container Installed on your premises

Cooling system

Air-cooled condenser Water-cooled condenser

Power (in Kw per chiller)

50KW 900KW

Control system

Rotation speed

Remote maintenance for easier control

Energy meter

To monitor evolving energy consumption.

Remote management

Complete traceability of maintenance operations.

Manufacturer alarm

Real-time alerts in the event of a breakdown or incident.

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Customer service
when you need us

Our dedicated team is on hand to answer all yor technical questions, from the project’s design phase right through to installation and operations.

in system control

We provide training to help you get to grips with our solution and monitor its performance, ensuring your autonomy.


Our refrigeration specialist partners can easily provide performance reports to ensure the system meets your expectations.


If necessary, our network of Q-REF experts is on hand to carry out any corrective maintenance operations.

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